search engine optimization

search engine optimization

Power to your organic search campaigns

We offer professional Search Engine Optimization services and create intelligent strategy that improves your website visibility and grows authority within your business niche. We stay on top of the latest SEO developments and apply our expertise to every project we are involved in. Our SEO campaign management is aimed to increase volume & quality of traffic to your website and maximize the conversion potential.

SEO consulting

With Barezh in-house team of experienced SEO specialists and business analysts we are skilled to improve performance of your website in organic search. We offer expert SEO analysis and consulting in a clear and straightforward manner and in line with your business needs and expectations. As a result of our service you receive an actionable step-wise report of required SEO activities to achieve your marketing goals.


On-site optimization

We ensure that your website technical aspects, structure, internal linking and keyword density appeal to search engines. We adapt a holistic approach and ensure that all on-site attributes work well together. However, we always optimize towards end-users turning you website into an efficient source of reaching your target audience. At the end, making experience of your potential business prospects is our ultimate goal.

Link building services

We follow white-hat SEO practices and act fully in line with Google link building policies. Our SEO experts facilitate natural link earning potential that your website has and concentrate on a very balanced approach: variety of links types and sources, your brand promo, relevancy and trust of links. Every link development project is guided by a SEO professional, a web analyst and a dedicated account manager. We make sure you get regular campaign reports showing your website SEO visibility progress. 

Content marketing services

Our copywriters’ team professionally crafts content that fulfils both your business needs & SEO campaign strategies. We diversify content types in accordance with the strategy and make it well-optimized, appealing and informative. With every piece of content devoted to your business, we provide valuable insights of your offerings to your target audience. Combined with careful placements selection, our SEO-friendly content adds credibility to your business and brand.

Our SEO process in detail

  • Research & analysis
    SEO audit
    We make sure your website is technically ready to meet search engines’ requirements and users’ expectations. Our SEO specialists inspect your website source code, design, architecture & content and provide you with a SEO diagnosis. Based on findings we offer comprehensive optimization recommendations for your website that need to be implemented prior to link building activities start-off.
    SEO competitors’ research
    We correctly identify and analyse your SEO competition in search engines to understand your business niche from a SEO perspective and establish an overall strategy. We determine SEO footprints of your competitors and uncover key methods and tactics that drive organic traffic to their websites.
    Keyword analysis
    Once keywords search volume & competition are analysed we thoroughly pick the most effective keywords in accordance with your business objectives and overall SEO campaign expectations. We prioritise the choice of keywords with modest demand and low supply, so that your website has a better chance of getting high rankings.

  • Strategy development
    Based on your goals and analysis data, our SEO team develops a robust strategy across targeted search niches. We merge the main pillars of SEO – technical optimization, content and link – reaching your target prospects via relevant search queries.

  • Link building
    We carefully implement a customized link building strategy that brings ranking value to your website. Our SEO experts approach link earning process with relevant traffic and conversion in mind. That is how we discover unique opportunities to bring highly targeted audience instead of mere website SERP haunting.

  • Reporting & ongoing project management
    Our top priority here is to keep you informed and involved into SEO actions we take. We regularly provide you with transparent, clear and structured status check reporting. To help you understand our reports better our SEO specialists and business analysts highlight their concerns and point out where we need your input to provide real value on a consistent, ongoing basis with no unclear steps left.

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